Women Performing Europe

Women Performing Europethe Magdalena Project across borders

Barbara Carvalho

Thursday 24 June 2021  UK TIME: 18:00  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Barbara Carvalho introduces Women Performing Europe – the Magdalena Project Across Borders – a European Eramus+ partnership with international activities organized by four organisations: Protagon e.V.(DE), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium /Odin Teatret (DN), Teatro Nucleo (IT), Stowarzyszenie Grupa Artystyczna Teraz Poliz (PL). 

The project aims to bring people together, through the exchange of experiences, learning activities and events, to start a discussion in international level about social inclusion, equality, integration and pioneer practices of feminist education in the cultural field.


DATE: Thursday 24 June 2021

UK TIME: 18:00 – find your local time


LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Barbara Carvalho is an actress, performer, lecturer in theatre and dance. Since 2010 she works in Frankfurt am Main and is part of the collective antagon TheaterAKTion. Previously, she completed a theatre pedagogy education at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil. Since 2018 she has been studying for an M.A. in Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen. She develops educational and artistic projects with Afro-Brazilian and contemporary dance, performance, and physical theatre. For the last five years she has led the International Women’s Theatre Festival – The Magdalena Project in Frankfurt am Main.


Woman to Woman - letters from home

Woman to Woman - letters from home

Karolina Spaic, ZID Theater

Thursday 24 June 2021  UK TIME: 19:00  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

An Interactive presentation of the project “Woman to Woman – letters from home”.

ZID Theater actresses Naïma Baraka and Claribel Rodriguez will unveil themselves through personal letters, written to inspiring women with whom they missed communicating during corona. This is followed by a discussion about the intimate topics that come forward, in which director Karolina Spaic also participates.

This presentation is part of Women for Women and the writing workshops by Christine Otten, stimulated by the Fonds voor West.

DATE: 24 June 2021

UK TIME: 19:00  – find your local time


LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Karolina Spaic is the director of ZID Theater – City Art & Performance Center, Amsterdam. She is a theatre maker, strategist and bridge-builder, who looks for “out of the box” paths. In 2020 her work in theatre was officially recognised when she received the Dutch royal decoration of Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

Actresses: Naima Baraka , Claribel Rodriguez and Joske Daamen

Producer: Lot Wuisman


Ladyfinger - not just a digital exercise

Not Just a Digital Exercise


Friday 25 June 2021  TIME: 1:30am UK  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGE: English, Spanish

Company directors Dawn Albinger and Julie Robson discuss how Ladyfinger has embraced and resisted the online environment for training and new performance making during the time of the pandemic. Sharing old and new approaches to collaborating and exchanging with artists locally and across Australia, they highlight how their core principle of embodied, somatic enquiry and connection was nurtured on and off the screen.

photos: Lisa Businovski

DATE: Friday 25 June 2021

UK TIME: 1:30am – find your local time

LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGE: English, Spanish translation

Ladyfinger is a Brisbane-based contemporary performance company that perform, produce and publish. Their works are hand made by women and give voice to the female imaginary. They are also inspired by divas, monsters, lamenters and lullaby makers. www.ladyfinger.com.au

Dawn Albinger is a performance maker with a long history of creating solo and ensemble works, as well as feminist researcher on divas and devising practice.

Julie Robson is an artist, educator and researcher with specialisms in performance making, feminism, siren vocality, and innovation learning.

LANGUAGE: the artist talk will be in English.

More info about Ladyfinger: www.ladyfinger.com.au

It is What it Is

It is What it Is:

Compromising, Pivoting, and Surviving In-Person Instruction During the Pandemic

Maria Porter

Friday 25 June 2021  TIME: 2am UK  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGE: English, Spanish

When I was asked to do an artists’ talk for the festival, I initially refused because I have not made, or performed anything in a couple of years. Then after a bracing conversation with Helen Varley Jamison, I realized that my teaching, especially during the pandemic, constituted an artistic practice of sorts- especially given that we were ‘live’ in studio during the entire academic year. My teaching practice involves all sorts of things that we understand were NOT good ideas during the pandemic: moving around, talking loudly, and singing. I’m going to relate some of the compromises and machinations my colleagues, my students and I developed that not only got us through the year- but potentially enhanced the way we’ve come to understand what we are teaching, and what we are learning.

DATE: Friday 25 June 2021

UK TIME: 2:00am – find your local time

LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGE: English, Spanish translation

Maria Porter has been a theater educator for over 30 years. As an actor, she has performed in New York and regionally at such theaters as Clubbed Thumb, Salt Theater, Target Margin, Milwaukee Playhouse, The Hangar Theatre, Hartford Stage, Virginia Stage Company, and The Kennedy Center.

Maria is a master teacher of the Suzuki method of actor training, and has integrated it with other acting techniques to create an original pedagogy: a hybrid including elements from Suzuki, Viewpoints, and the Stanislavski tradition. Her first solo, Ennobling Nonna, which integrated this technique in a devised performance, was performed at M.I.T, Brown University, the Perishable Theatre, and as part of the Transit Festival at the Odin Teatret in Denmark.

Her last solo work, The Space Inside, debuted in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been performed at conferences and festivals throughout the United States. Her work demonstrations and master classes in this pedagogy have been featured in festivals and conferences in Wales, Denmark, England, Cuba, Peru, Greece, Spain and Switzerland.

She has directed and co-created several ensemble-based performances that have been featured in festivals in Italy, Canada, Prague, New York and Scotland. Internationally she has directed in Spain, and performed with Teatro delle Radici in Lugano, Switzerland. She has been on the faculty of Long Island University for 27 years, where she is Professor and Director of Theatre. Her book on her original pedagogy, Re-Purposing Suzuki: A Hybrid Approach to Actor Training, published by Routledge Press, will be released in Fall 2021

New Artistic Responses

New Artistic Responses

Olive Nieto, Frederika Tsai, Bettina Fung

Friday 25 June 2021  UK TIME: 17:00-18:30  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Artists from Asia and the Asian diaspora discuss their recent work and how they have employed social media, online collaborative tools and offline performance labs for artistic exchange and to respond to the pandemic.

Artists: Olive Nieto, Frederika Tsai, Bettina Fung

DATE: Friday 25 June 2021

UK TIME: 17:00 – find your local time


LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Olive Nieto is a performance maker and an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Olive and playwright Layeta P. Bucoy collaborated to create the MonoVlog series that reflected the lives and (preventable) deaths of the Filipino people at the time of the viral videos and the deadly virus. The tandem experimented the form with the Sining Banwa community theatre in the Bicol Region and the Tanghalang Pilipino at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and in Facebook’s live streaming service and Kumu, a Filipino app for live streamers.

The MonoVlog is an online performance and a cross between the monologue and the vlog (or video log). The MonoVlog is as an emergent form of online performance and an emergency response during the Metro Manila lockdown (the longest in the world) due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Frederika Tsai (born in Taipei) is an interdisciplinary theatre maker, curator and dramaturg, based in Berlin/Germany.
Frederika and her colleague Ming Pong, founder and co-curator of Asian Performing Artists Lab, will talk about the Asian Performing Artists Lab (APAL), which offers Berlin-based artists with Asian backgrounds a platform for creative exchanges, collaborations and experiments. Artists apply with a project to work on, which can be in the form of an idea, a draft or a work-in-progress. They work together intensively over a short period of time, and at the end of it, present the result. The two first editions were in cooperation with Berliner Ringtheater.

Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 is a Hong Kong born, British-Chinese artist based in the UK.
Bettina’s practice encompasses live art, 2D and site-specific works that have explored and questioned subjects of legacy, belonging, futility, productivity and progress. She is driven by the expansive and immediate nature of drawing and often focuses on its performative aspect in her work. Since the onset of the pandemic with live performances on hold in the UK, Bettina started exploring ways of gathering and creating live art over the internet and experimented with Google Docs, treating it as a site for live performance. Bettina has exhibited in the UK and internationally and was the recipient of awards such as the a-n Artist Information Company’s New Collaborations Bursary in 2014 and Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts award in 2018. With a keen interest in alternative education, Bettina was a part of Syllabus IV, an alternative peer-led artist development and learning programme delivered by six UK arts institutions, and is an Associate Member of the Asia-Art-Activism Research Network.

Olive Nieto

Facebook: Uleb Nieto
Sample MonoVlog in English: Presented at the ADSA Conference 2020– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1zx-UNpajo

Frederika Tsai
Videolink (from 1. edition) https://fb.watch/54XIaMwFzK/

Bettina Fung
Twitter: @BettinaFWS
Facebook: http://facebook.com/BettinaFWS
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bettinafws

Apapacho, Vórtice y Celebración

Apapacho, Vórtice y Celebración

Saturday 26 June 2021  UK TIME: 16:00  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: Spanish, English

Artistas Latino Americanas hablan de sus obras en el contexto de la pandemia, adaptando sus práticas al mundo virtual y aferrándose a la fuerza de las conexiones de las mujeres y la colaboración entre países. Artistas de Chile, México y Estados Unidos hablan desde sus perspectivas sobre cómo los contextos políticos y sociales de cada país han afectado su arte.
Latin American artists talk about their works in the context of the pandemic, adapting their practices to the virtual world and holding on to the strength of women’s connections and collaboration between countries. Artists from Chile, Mexico and USA give perspectives on how the political and social contexts in each country have affected their art.

Artists: Violeta Luna, Eugenia Cano, and Verónica Moraga & Antonieta Muñoz (Mestiza Chile)
Moderator: Karin Ahlström

DATE: Saturday 26 June 2021

UK TIME: 16:00 – find your local time

LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGE: Spanish, with English translation

Violeta Luna is a San Francisco-based performance artist. Her works reflect and inquire upon the relationship between theatre, performance art and community engagement.

“I will speak about the strategies of ‘apapacho’ (to embrace or caress with the soul) built at a distance due to the pandemic; of the bonds of sisterhood woven through performative languages between countries, artists, and their communities.”

Violeta Luna es una artista de performance con sede en San Francisco. Sus obras reflexionan e indagan sobre la relación entre el teatro, el performance art y la participación con la comunidad.

“Voy a hablar sobre las estrategias de ‘apapacho’ (abrazar o acariciar con el alma) construidas a distancia debido a la pandemia; de los lazos de hermandad tejidos por medio de lenguajes performativos entre países, artistas y sus comunidades.”

Eugenia Cano: “Theatre, as life, is a celebration.” How can we regain theatre through virtual medias? Three different plays during the lock down period.

Verónica Moraga and Antonieta Muñoz dreamt of a Magdalena in Chile and created the Mestiza, extending the net-work, generating opportunities for women to speak with their own voices, gaining spaces and maintaining those already conquered, in order to continue creating other realities through performing arts.

“We will talk how we have managed to meet and connect with other Latin American women throughout the pandemic, talking and giving visibility to the stories of this, our territory through each woman-artist participating. We will talk about women’s strength when working collaboratively. We feel and see performing arts as a vortex where we converge convinced that art has the power to transform reality. Today in this journey we approach an investigation that involves creative women from 7 countries in South America.”

Verónica Moraga y Antonieta Muñoz sueñan un Magdalena en Chile y crean el Mestiza, extendiendo la red, generando instancias para que las mujeres hablen con su propia voz, ganando espacios y manteniendo los ya conquistados, para así seguir creando otras realidades desde las artes escénicas.

“Hablaremos como hemos logrado encontrarnos a lo largo de esta pandemia en conversatorios y encuentros virtuales, con mujeres de América Latina, hablando y dando visibilidad a las historias de nuestro territorio atravesadas por la mirada de cada mujer artista presente. Hablaremos de la fuerza que proyectamos y tenemos las mujeres cuando trabajamos colaborativamente. Sentimos y vemos las artes escénicas como un vórtice donde confluimos convencidas de que el arte tiene el poder de transformar la realidad. En este recorrido, hoy nos acercamos a una investigación que involucra a mujeres creadoras de 7 países de Sudamérica.”

Moderator: Karin Ahlström

Dah Teatar

Rebuilding Theatre - Towards a New Future

DAH Teatar

Sunday 27 June 2021  TIME: 10am UK  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

DAH Teater’s project REBUILDING THE THEATRE TOWARD A NEW FUTURE aims to translate our performances in audiovisual language in order to stay in touch with our audience through digital Medias. The project consisted of a digital campaign that presented short videos created from DAH performances dealing with themes such as multicultural tolerance, children’s rights and creative articulation of civil protest; the webinar ACT YOUR RIGHT; and the series of on-line conversations with artists-CONNECTIONS.

The project will be presented by Dijana Miloseviĉ and Jadranka Andjeliĉ.



DATE: Sunday 27 June 2021

UK TIME: 10:00 – find your local time

LOCATION: Zoom – you will received an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish translation

Dijana Milosević is a theatre director, activist, writer and lecturer. She co-founded DAH Theatre Research Centre in Belgrade, Serbia and has been its leading director for thirty years. She is a well-known lecturer and has taught at prestigious universities, writes about theatre and is the Professor at the Institute for Modern Dance in Belgrade.

Jadranka Andjelić is a co-founder of DAH Theatre Research Centre in Belgrade, Serbia, theater director at DAH, internationally and in Brazil (from 2008 -2019), and artistic director of the  International Women’s Performing Arts Festival MULTICIDADE in Rio de Janeiro.

More info about DAH Teatar and the project:
The project consists of a series of actions to re-frame and re-build the activities during the pandemic restrictions in 2020.


6 writers - Be Like Body–Obsolete

6 Writers - Be Like BodyObsolete

Amaranta Osorio, Annie Abrahams, Nasim Khosravi, Parvathy Baul, Ya-Ling Peng, Younghee Park

Sunday 27 June 2021  UK TIME: noon  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Six writers from different cultures and in their own languages contributed to the process of making the performance, e-book and audio track of “BE LIKE BODY—OBSOLETE #4” initiated by Suzon Fuks, by responding to the prompts:

How do we advance technology without giving up our sense of humanity?
What does it mean to become / be obsolete?

In this artist talk, these artists-writers explain their processes in the work “Be Like Body–Obsolete” and their cultural points of view on the subjects of obsolescence, ageing, humanity and the advancement of technology.

Artists: Amaranta Osorio, Annie Abrahams, Nasim Khosravi, Parvathy Baul, Ya-Ling Peng, and Younghee Park
Facilitator: Zoe Gudovic
Suzon Fuks would like to thank Vulcana Women Circus, where the performance will take place (in Brisbane) and QPAC for co-producing the early stage of the project.

DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK with all the poems.

DATE: Sunday 27 June 2021

UK TIME: noon – find your local time


LOCATION: Zoom – you will receive an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English with Spanish translation. Their poetry is in Spanish, French, Dutch, Farsi, Bengali, Mandarin, and Korean. A free e-book will be available with their original text, translated into English.

AMARANTA OSORIO is a writer, actress and producer of Mexican, Colombian and Spanish ancestry. Her award-winning plays have been performed in various countries (Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, India, etc.) and translated into French, English, German, Czech and Greek.

ANNIE ABRAHAMS is an internationally regarded pioneer of networked performance art. She has showed work at Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; New Museum, New York; and on online platforms such as Rhizome.org and Turbulence.

NASIM KHOSRAVI, born in the south of Iran, is a writer, performance maker and founder-director, since 2013, of Brisbane-based Iranian-Australian theatre group Baran Theatre. She organised and offered several workshops for playwriting with feminist approaches and contributed in raising awareness for women’s rights in Iran.

PARVATHY BAUL is the most recognised woman Baul performer in the world. She is a practitioner, performer, storyteller, painter and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She has performed in over forty countries, including World Music Centre, NYC; and Festival of World Sacred Music Fez, Morocco.

YA-LING PENG is an actress, director and playwright, as well as artistic director and festival organiser at Uhan Shii International Cultural Cooperation Company. She started her theatre career in 1981, reckoned as the first generation of Taiwan contemporary theatre. Ya-ling has organised two editions of festivals in Taiwan in collaboration with The Magdalena Project.

YOUNGHEE PARK is an independent artist working as a performer, director, facilitator, translator, art activist, and educator in adult and children’s theatre, film, and television in South Korea, Australia, America, Japan, Germany, and China. With over 25 years of professional experience, she specialises in bilingual theatre.

CO-PRODUCERS: QPAC and Vulcana Circus

More info about all artists’ works:
Amaranta Osorio: http://amarantaosorio.es
Annie Abrahams: http://bram.org
Nasim Khosravi http://barantheatre.com
Parvathy Baul http:/parvathybaul.com
Younghee Park http://www.companybad.org

DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK with all the poems.