"I had an important question about LIVE-ness and embodiment, sparked by a provocation written by an academic that "embodiment has seen its day". I want to open up this conversation about LIVE and LIVE-ness through this festival - to give another provocation."- Elizabeth de Roza

The intention for the festival was sparked by a curiosity when the world was in lockdown and festivals and events had to be cancelled. I wondered, how can our work and the Magdalena network remain relevant, when until now the Magdalena festivals have happened in proximal space? What might an online Magdalena festival look like?

At the same time, I thought that an online festival could be a good way to explore how we can use digital technology and the online space to re-connect Magdalenas all over the world. I hope it will be like a big reunion party and a source of energy and encouragement for each other.

I had another more important question about LIVE-ness and embodiment, sparked by a provocation written by an academic that “embodiment has seen its day”. I want to open up this conversation about LIVE and LIVE-ness through this festival – to give another provocation.

The world has changed and we are all learning to adapt, but what is this new space? What is this new hybrid space of connectivity? Strange as it may seem, I feel more connected now than before the pandemic.

– Elizabeth de Roza


are welcome!