6 Writers - Be Like BodyObsolete

Amaranta Osorio, Annie Abrahams, Nasim Khosravi, Parvathy Baul, Ya-Ling Peng, Younghee Park

Sunday 27 June 2021  UK TIME: noon  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Six writers from different cultures and in their own languages contributed to the process of making the performance, e-book and audio track of “BE LIKE BODY—OBSOLETE #4” initiated by Suzon Fuks, by responding to the prompts:

How do we advance technology without giving up our sense of humanity?
What does it mean to become / be obsolete?

In this artist talk, these artists-writers explain their processes in the work “Be Like Body–Obsolete” and their cultural points of view on the subjects of obsolescence, ageing, humanity and the advancement of technology.

Artists: Amaranta Osorio, Annie Abrahams, Nasim Khosravi, Parvathy Baul, Ya-Ling Peng, and Younghee Park
Facilitator: Zoe Gudovic
Suzon Fuks would like to thank Vulcana Women Circus, where the performance will take place (in Brisbane) and QPAC for co-producing the early stage of the project.

DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK with all the poems.

DATE: Sunday 27 June 2021

UK TIME: noon – find your local time


LOCATION: Zoom – you will receive an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English with Spanish translation. Their poetry is in Spanish, French, Dutch, Farsi, Bengali, Mandarin, and Korean. A free e-book will be available with their original text, translated into English.

AMARANTA OSORIO is a writer, actress and producer of Mexican, Colombian and Spanish ancestry. Her award-winning plays have been performed in various countries (Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Denmark, Italy, India, etc.) and translated into French, English, German, Czech and Greek.

ANNIE ABRAHAMS is an internationally regarded pioneer of networked performance art. She has showed work at Centre Pompidou, Paris; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; New Museum, New York; and on online platforms such as Rhizome.org and Turbulence.

NASIM KHOSRAVI, born in the south of Iran, is a writer, performance maker and founder-director, since 2013, of Brisbane-based Iranian-Australian theatre group Baran Theatre. She organised and offered several workshops for playwriting with feminist approaches and contributed in raising awareness for women’s rights in Iran.

PARVATHY BAUL is the most recognised woman Baul performer in the world. She is a practitioner, performer, storyteller, painter and teacher of the Baul tradition from Bengal, India. She has performed in over forty countries, including World Music Centre, NYC; and Festival of World Sacred Music Fez, Morocco.

YA-LING PENG is an actress, director and playwright, as well as artistic director and festival organiser at Uhan Shii International Cultural Cooperation Company. She started her theatre career in 1981, reckoned as the first generation of Taiwan contemporary theatre. Ya-ling has organised two editions of festivals in Taiwan in collaboration with The Magdalena Project.

YOUNGHEE PARK is an independent artist working as a performer, director, facilitator, translator, art activist, and educator in adult and children’s theatre, film, and television in South Korea, Australia, America, Japan, Germany, and China. With over 25 years of professional experience, she specialises in bilingual theatre.

CO-PRODUCERS: QPAC and Vulcana Circus

More info about all artists’ works:
Amaranta Osorio: http://amarantaosorio.es
Annie Abrahams: http://bram.org
Nasim Khosravi http://barantheatre.com
Parvathy Baul http:/parvathybaul.com
Younghee Park http://www.companybad.org

DOWNLOAD THE E-BOOK with all the poems.