Angry Women

Angry Women

Annie Abrahams & Workshop Participants

Saturday 26 June 2021  UK TIME: 19:00  LOCATION: Zoom

Angry Women is a 15 minute multilingual improvisational online performance on anger, with a Q&A at the end.

The performance will be prepared in a 90 min workshop led by Annie Abrahams a few days before. She imagines a “choir” full of individual voices and actions where there is room for solos, duos and silence, where group dynamics will be as important as the revelation of female anger and irritations.

Performers: Amaranta Osorio, Anja Borowicz, Brenda Plumey Morales, Emmanuelle Gibello, Mansi Thapliyal, Sarah Hart, Shelly Quick and Susan Lamb.

DATE: Saturday 26 June 2021

UK TIME: 19:00 – find your local time

DURATION: 15min + Q&A

LOCATION: Zoom – you will receive an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGE: multilingual

 Annie Abrahams has an art practice that meanders between research and performance. In her carefully scripted art, she tends to reveal ordinary human behaviour and develops what she calls an aesthetics of trust and attention.

More info about Annie’s work:

Excerpt of Angry Women Take 2 – 12min



Karla Ptáček

Saturday 26 June 2021  UK TIME: 19:30  LOCATION: Zoom  LANGUAGES: English, Spanish

Two old friends talk together about their bodies the night before one goes for major surgery – desires and violations that they’ve experienced, adaptations and defences they’ve constructed. A secret is revealed, pitting their long-held beliefs against private experience.

Written for Zoom during lockdown, Headcount was a way to think about how women of my generation navigated the long arc of social changes.

Written by Karla Ptáček,
performed live by Roz Borley and Karla Ptáček.

DATE: Saturday 26 June 2021

UK TIME: 19:30 – find your local time


LOCATION: Zoom – you will receive an email with the zoom link once you have booked in.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish translation

Karla Ptáček is either very serious or entirely frivolous.

More info about Karla’s work:

Jeux de Massacre

Jeux de Massacre

Christina Papagiannouli & E-Theatre

Saturday 26 June 2021  UK TIME: 20:00  LOCATION: UpStage

In 1970, absurdist playwright Eugene Ionesco wrote Jeux de Massacre (known in English as The Killing Game or Here Comes a Chopper) – a dark comedy in which the plague ravages a small town and everyone dies. As a new pandemic overwhelms the globe and people rush to isolation and internet communication, it seems appropriate and timely to ‘translate’ this work from the stage to cyberspace. The UpStage v3 platform allowed us to collaborate remotely and adapt the play for the internet.

This work-in-progress performance re-adapts the play for the new Upstage platform, which will be launched in October 2021.

DATE: Saturday 26 June 2021

UK TIME: 20:00 – find your local time


LOCATION: UpStage – you will receive an email with the link once you have booked in.


During the first lockdown, Christina Papagiannouli (UK/Greece) teamed up with Clara Gomes (Portugal), Helen Varley Jamieson (Germany/Aotearoa NZ), Miljana Perić (Serbia) and Vicki Smith (Aotearoa NZ) to work on Jeux de Massacre cyberformance as a creative and playful escape from the exceptional world circumstances of the pandemic.


UpStage is an online venue for cyberformance, first developed by the globally distributed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision in 2003. It is currently being completely rebuilt to bring it up to date with the latest internet technologies, and the new platform will be launched in October 2021. For more information about the rebuild, which is part of the Creative Europe-funded project Mobilise/Demobilise, please visit