A few words of appreciation and gratitude for the closure by Janaina Matter

A few words of appreciation and gratitude for the closure of our first Bodies:on:Live


remember to tell the earth to embrace me
the wind to guide me
the water to move me
the sky to dream me

forget not of the homeless
the hungry
the lonely
the deceased
the ones in grief

Janaina and her cat take the risk to sing
take the risk to dance
take pride in being queer
every now and then

be grateful
that I can still breath

invite people over to my home
take a peek inside their own
perhaps, remember I am not

share the screen
share the scream
share the dreams

remember to double check the time
to pee before block 9
to laugh on every break
to cry

fill up with admiration
and gratitude
until next time


Janaina Matter

(pictured below with Clotilde Matter, a regular audience member at the festival)